Buccanero's Baits is a very small company that was established in April of 2013. We had been making lures for our selves and some select friends for quite a few years. It was our friends that convinced us to start a business because of how well our lures worked for them. The first lure Brett ever made was a small spinner. He was expecting maybe to catch a trout in the Chippewa River near our home in Glidden Wisconsin. Instead, he landed a 29 inch musky using an ultralight rod with 4 pound test. Needless to say, he was hooked on making lures ever since. Over the years, we have boated several nice musky, pike and bass, and so have our customers.

We practice catch and release, especially for musky. But, we also enjoy a fish fry just as much as most of you do. So, if you keep a few, enjoy the meal. If you release them, be sure to snap a nice photograph of you and your fish. We are sure that you will have plenty of opportunity to do both using our lures.

We are proud to say that our lures are catching fish in Spain. Recently, a writer for a magazine in Spain contacted us wanting to test our lures and write an article about them. So, we sent some off to him. He used them with much success. Here is the link to the website: www.cotodepezca.com/buccaneros-baits-senuelos-grandes-lucios. Its witten in spanish, so you may need to translate it. We want to thank our new friend Imanol for contacting us and writing such a wonderful story about our lures.

You now can contact us at sales@buccanerobaits.com., or by phone at 715-663-0402

We will be adding to our website as we grow. If you do not see something you are looking for, please check back with us frequently. 

Thank you for visiting our website,

Carol and Brett Buccanero