We do offer some parts for making lures. Most of the time parts we sell are from either discontinued items we have made, or sometimes we have made mistakes in ordering. So, instead of sending those items back, we just rather place them here and maybe some of you lure making enthusiasts may find what you are looking for.

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#10 Magnum Brass Blade
.040 Magnum Polished Brass Blade. These pull in like pie plates. Not recommended for small reels or ..
Out of Stock
#7 Orange Indiana Blades
Orange Indiana blades painted on 2 sides. High quality blades. ..
Black Flashabou
We now have magnum flashabou. 20 inch lengths. A must have if you are making big spinner baits for m..
Out of Stock
French painted blade
Number 8 French spinner blade painted on 2 sides. $1.50 ea. ..
Indiana Blade #7
Size #7 Indiana blade painted 1 side on polished brass. These are high quality blades, ..
Indiana Blade #8
#8 Indiana blade painted in red and white stripes. High quality blades painted on 1 side.. ..
Magnum Silver Flashabou
Silver Magnum Flashabou. Great for making big lures for pike and musky. ..