Our buck tail lures are made with one thing in mind and thats to catch fish. Some lure makers claim to be the best, others will make lures only to catch fishermen and fisherwomen. We designed our lures to attract fish, plain and simple. We fish the big toothy predators like the musky and northern pike, so we make our buck tails to withstand the battles and live to fish again and again. Most of our buck tails are made with .051 wire, and are hand tied, wrapped and cemented together to form a very hard wrap around the hair. Even the small Luke-A-Lunk is made with .051 wire. The exception is the new Mighty Midget lures. We use .040 for those for maximum spinning action. The feed back on our lures is excellent. We hear things like "Your blades spin on the 1st crank of the handle," and "These are tough lures. We caught so many big pike on the same buck tail." You will notice that we use wide gapped Mustad hooks on most of the lures. Reason being is that we have found that Mustad hooks are among the toughest on the market and the wide gap gives us better hook sets and is easier to unhook fish and therefore easier on the fish when its released back into the water. Even though we are a very small company and our website is new on the internet, our lures have caught fish in the United States, Canada and Spain. So, whether you are after muskellunge in Northern Wisconsin, or chasing zanders in Spain. Buccanero's Baits has a lure for you.

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Blazer Buck
  A fantastic lure for musky, pike and large and small mouth bass. The tri-color pat..
Bucks Gold Hammer
Bucks Gold Hammer is built with .051 wire, black buck tail tied on a coil, 3/0 Mustad wide gap hook,..
Bucks Silver Hammer
Bucks Silver Hammer has a #8 Deep Cup Aspen Colorado silver hammered blade. Boasts a 3/8th oz silver..
Chartreuse Slammer
Introducing the Chartreuse Slammer from Buccanero's Baits. The brother of the original Slammer, the ..
Flambeau Flame
The Flambeau Flame is an ideal lure for most any stained water around. The twin red and white Bu..
This little spinner packs a wallop. We have caught quite a few different species of fish on it. ..
Mighty Midget Orange/Chartreuse
Fantastic lure for big trout and many other species including bass. Double #7 Indiana Buccanero Logo..
Mighty Midget White/Chartreuse
   Are you looking for a lure that will catch big trout?  Look no further. The Mig..
Old Timer
This IS your grandfathers lure. Made with .051 wire, a #8 Indiana fluted blade, 3/8 oz body and 3/8 ..
Orange Luke-A-Lunk
We now are offering the Luke-A-Lunk in orange. Consisting of a .035 oz body with orange baked on pai..
The Slammer
The Slammer is one fantastic lure.This orange and black buck tail is sure to become one of your..